Persian Rugs

While Iran was traditionally at the heart of Persia, the region was a vast expanse that included many of the territories that make up modern countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Persian rugs have always been prized possessions and highly sought after status symbols, renowned for their exceptional quality and longevity, and David J Wilkins make a wide selection available to own. Handmade using traditional techniques the Persian rugs you see here have been carefully selected from some of the finest craftsmen - and include Bokhara designs from Pakistan, Khanmohamadi designs from Afghanistan as well stunning Ziegler rugs - originally created in the Arak province before their adoption by nomadic rug crafters over many generations.

Our Persian rugs are of the highest quality and we spend a great deal of time locating some of the world’s best examples - offering them to you here in a wide range of sizes from 6ft x 4ft up to roughly 26ft x 16ft - so you can see we have Persian rugs to fit any home. As demand for Persian rugs grows, we’re committed to finding superior examples at very competitive prices - and we’re confident our collection of Persian rugs offers possibly the best selection available from any rug broker in the UK.

Persian rugs are usually named for their area of origination, with many villages having their own distinct weaving techniques and materials. The palettes for each Persian rug are indicative of their creator, with locally sourced vegetation and natural substances being used to create the colours for the loom. City rugs will often be created using a vertical loom as the weaver is operating from a fixed location, whereas nomadic rugs are crafted on a more portable, horizontal loom - and in part this will influence the designs and materials used in the creation of any rugs and carpets. We’ll be happy to elaborate on the differences between any of our Persian rugs if you call and speak to one of our experts - and we can also offer tips and advice on choosing Persian rugs for your home.

Browse our collection of Persian & Oriental rugs and carpets and please call or email for more information on any of the designs in our gallery.

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