Price Guide

Persian Gabbehfrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Hamadanfrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Qashqaifrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Herizfrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Bakhtiarfrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Saroukfrom£19.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Kashanfrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Tabrizfrom£32.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Isfahanfrom£45.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Nainfrom£20.00 per sq. ft.
Persian Bijarfrom£27.00 per sq. ft.
Afghanfrom£13.00 per sq. ft.
Afghan Balouchfrom£13.00 per sq. ft.
Pakistan Bokharafrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Pakistan (Persian Design)from£26.00 per sq. ft.
Pakistan Frontier Ziegler (Chobi)from£23.00 per sq. ft.
Pakistan Frontier Kazakfrom£18.00 per sq. ft.
Chinese Needlepointfrom£11.50 per sq. ft.
Chinese Aubussonfrom£22.50 per sq. ft.
Indian Agrafrom£16.00 per sq. ft.
Kashmir Silkfrom£34.00 per sq. ft.
Vintage Overdyedfrom£20.00 per sq ft.

Dear Customer

The pricing of Oriental rugs depends on many factors, but we have been asked to give a quick example. So a fireside rug say 2.00m x 1.50m prices would start from around £400, and a large room size carpet say 4.00m x 3.00m would start from around £1,800. 

x by 10.764 to get the sq metre price.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

All above prices are for new production, Old and antique rugs and carpets are priced individually.

We supply almost every type of handmade rug and carpet including old and antique in every available size, so please telephone for more details if your requirement is not listed above

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NOW OPEN SUNDAY AT NW2 (By prior appointment only please).

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