$790,000 for Polonaise silk and metal thread rug

$790,000 was the price achieved at Sotheby's New York for a rare Polonaise silk and metal thread rug, which was previously owned by King Umberto II of Italy. this fine rug dates from the early to mid seventeenth century during the Persian Safavid dynasty. The fact that these rugs are called Polonaise is a misnomer, this came about from an exhibition in Paris that displayed rugs from the Ladislas Czartoryski collection, some of which displayed the Czartoryski cote-of-arms. We now know these rugs were in fact produced during the Persian Safavid dynasty between Shah Abbas I (1587-1628), Shah Safi (1629-1642) and Shah Abbas II (1642-1674). www.orientalrugexperts.com
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