A Collection of Collections London

At Sotheby's London on the 3rd-6th November 2018 are holding a sale of twenty-five rugs and carpets from the collection of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, featuring rare Chinese works including the Scofield-Thayer dais carpet and a beautiful silk Kashgar carpet. Further exemplary weaves from Central Asia and China include the Larsson dais carpet and a collection of Yarkand and Khotan works from an American collector, including one with rare large-trefoil border. A second group from a Western collector, the first well received in 2017, which includes a well articulated Selendi Bird carpet fragment and an unusual Transylvanian is on offer. Further Transylvanian include one with a unique blue ground, two more from Thyssen and one from the respected dealer Eberhart Herrmann who has consigned a selection of early Anatolian and Caucasian rugs, including the Wher Chajli rug and Schurmamn Karagashli carpet. Carpet traditions of Persia and India are represented by 17th century fragments and examples of later room sized carpets, offer a broad choice of rugs and carpets for the collector and decorator. Further sales in London are being held at Chiswick Auctions on 26th October 2018, their Islamic & Indian Art including Fine Rugs & Carpets. The Oriental Rug Centre at Staples Corner London has received some new shipments of fine Persian rugs and carpets. David J Wilkins oriental rug experts has seen a marked increase in business this Autumn. www.orientalrugexperts.com
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