Black Friday or just sales hype

The story's in the press recently, showing people fighting over so called bargains in their local super market, beggar's belief. It should be clear to most people with any intelligence that the most important strategy is to get as close to the source as possible. And this is certainly the case with Oriental rugs and carpets, the problem is that hunting around the souks of Tehran, Kabul or Islamabad is most likely taking it to extremes. Luckily for people in the UK we have one of the world's largest selection's of Oriental rugs and carpets right here in London. London's Oriental rug warehouses has a vast selection from Persia, Pakistan, India and most other rug and carpet weaving countries. Why not book an appointment with David J.Wilkins Oriental rug experts, who will guide you around the labyrinth of Oriental rug importers, helping you find that very special Persian rug or carpet, now you can't get much closer to the source than that.
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