China’s Emerging Persian Carpet Market

Rug and carpet weaving in China can be traced back to the early Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE). Excavations in western China have yielded relatively intact coarse pile rugs, The next surviving rugs and carpets are those commissioned by the Ming emperors for the Forbidden City palaces, and woven in Beijing (Peking). Outside of these two groups there are numerous Chinese rugs and carpets woven for the home and export markets, including pieces from Ningxia, Beijing and Mongolian. But now the tide is turning on the emerging Chinese carpet market, and this huge country is fast becoming an important consumer of fine Persian rugs and carpets both antique, vintage and new. At first the market was solely for very fine Persian carpets predominantly made from silk or wool and silk mix, but some dealers are developing a trade for antique Persian tribal and nomadic rugs, and the Chinese public seem fascinated by there history and story that exists behind each rug. Many of the western Oriental rugs dealers will be exhibiting at China's (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition in Xining in June 2018, which is the country's largest rug fair. London's Persian rug dealers are looking forward to tapping in to China's new found interest in the Persian carpet. At David J.Wilkins Oriental Rug Experts, they have seen a marked increase in enquirers from Chinese tourist visiting London. Also at London's Oriental Rug Centre we have received a new shipment of fine Persian Loribaft rugs, which have amazing colours. Tel: 0207 722 7608
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