Finding Genuine Oriental Rugs at the Correct Price

How do you know that Kashmir silk rug is genuine or if you're getting a good deal on that amazing carpet at the Turkish Bazaar ? Well the rule of thumb is simple, research, research, research. There's no doubt window shopping and spontaneous spending is fun, but if you're looking to make a major purchase, you'll want to do your homework to make sure you're getting a good deal and the real deal. David Wilkins is one of London's leading Oriental rug experts, and says we are now entering the silly season, when holiday makers return from sunny climes with their proud purchases, including Oriental rugs and carpets suddenly discover they could of purchased their rug much cheaper in London, and for some unfortunate people their precious rug is not even handmade making it virtually worthless. As we mentioned before there is no substitute to research when making a large purchase, such as a Persian carpet or Oriental rug. So who do you go to, well David J.Wilkins Oriental rug experts London has been in the business for over 35 years and the company is now run by his son Alexander. Their will show you around London's Importing Oriental rug warehouses making sure you get the right rug for the right price and with the added assurance that they only deal in genuine handmade Oriental rugs and carpets. The warehouses are open Monday to Saturday with free onsite parking. Tel:0207 722 7608    
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