Kum Kapi rugs from the Arkas Collection

An exhibition of Kum Kapi rugs from the Arkas Collection opened on the 5th October 2017 at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (TIEM) in Istanbul, as part of the 2nd annual Istanbul Carpet Week organised by Istanbul Carpet Exporters'Association (IHIB). Showcasing 32 fine Kum Kapi rugs by masters like Hagop Kapoudjian, Zareh Penyamin, Tosunyan and Garabed Apelyan, woven between the 16th and 20th centuries, this is the first exhibition to focus on this subject and to draw international attention to the largest collection of Kum Kapi rugs in the world. The late British painter and print maker Sir Howard Hodgkin, whose wide ranging collection is to be auctioned by Sotheby's London on Tuesday 24th October 2017. Among his possessions are numerous fragments of Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs and textiles as well as European tapestries, almost all of them properly mounted.
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