Oriental Rug Auction News

Stockholm's Auktionsverk is hosting an important sale of fine Art & Antiques on the 5th December 2018. Included in the sale is a rare antique Salor Turkmen trapping from a Swedish collection (lot 108). The Trapping dates from the mid 19th century, and has a Kejebe design with three medallions or gols with four opposing kejebe devices between them. After the 1850's the Salor tribe was greatly reduced in size and their weaving's almost ceased to exist. These eight pointed star medallion trappings were thought to be used much like an asmalyk in the bridal caravan. Henry's Auctions in Mutterstadt Germany are holding a Collectors Carpet sale on the 8th December 2018. The sale includes a fine selection of Tibetan rugs and carpets from a private German collection and highly decorative Oriental carpets from a private Australian collection. Highlights include a spectacular collection of Chinese rugs, a small selection of Imperial silk and metal thread rugs and Persian town rugs and carpets from famous master weavers workshops. Also some exemplary Anatolian Transylvanian rugs and a collection of Caucasian carpets and a early Turkmen rugs from a private collection.  
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