Oriental Rug & Carpet Auction News

Koller Auctions of Zurich will be holding their Carpet sale on the 28th March 2019. It includes 100 interesting, decorative and antique oriental rugs and carpets. The Auction boasts a number of decorative carpets in very good condition, and some beautiful antique examples with rare designs. One of the auctions stand out pieces is a colossal Persian Kerman Laver carpet measuring 12.70m x 6.00m. The Austria Auction Company will be holding their old and antique oriental rug and carpet sale on the 30th March 2019 at there Palais Breuner saleroom in Vienna. Most of the consignment comes from the Wormser collection in Germany. Here in the UK there is a special exhibition of ancient Andean textiles being held at the Whitworth Museum in Manchester on the 29th March-15 September 2019. A lot of the pieces are on lone from the Paul Hughes collection alongside pieces from the Whitworth, textiles from c 300 BC to c 1400 AD will be on display. www.orientalrugexperts.com
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