The 40th Anniversary Of The Carpet Museum Of Iran

For the first 40 years of its existence, circumstances prevented the Carpet Museum of Iran from revealing its treasures to the world. However this year, a major exhibition has brought this beautiful Museum back to life. On 11th February 1978, the Carpet Museum of Iran was inaugurated, a testament to the Persian heritage and skilled carpet weaving it has long been famous for. But by the end of the museums first anniversary the Iranian revolution was in full swing. In the intervening years successive museum directors had little room for action, and certainly had no opportunity to organise large exhibitions. Practically nothing would change in the display year to year. So we were pleased to hear that the current directors have decided to put the museum back on the international map where it belongs. Forty year on, a special exhibition titled Forty Safavid Relics, The 40th Anniversary of the Carpet Museum of Iran. In Vienna the Dorotheum is holding a special sale of Oriental carpets and rugs from the Abil Besim Collection on Thursday 19th June 2018. Abil Besim was one of the Austrian Capital's leading firm's of carpet dealers and was established in 1946. Here in London we are finalizing the Sunday opening of the Oriental Rug Centre at Staples Corner, and will bring you news as soon as possible.  
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