The Perfect Wedding Present

Its always a worry when your invited to a wedding, what are you going to buy them. In the old days it was items such as china and bed linen for the home, but in a modern world most couples have already set up house, and cash is so impersonal. So have a look at a Handmade Oriental rug, its a work of art that will truly last a life time and Persian rugs and carpets has been given as gifts by Kings and Queens for thousands of years. We at David J.Wilkins Oriental rug experts offer a personal service to our clients, showing them around London's importing warehouse with its vast selection of Oriental rugs and carpets at affordable prices. Whether you come and chose for your friends yourself, or why not call us to arrange a visit for them, and after there big day they can enjoy a couple of hours looking around the warehouse with one of our experts to guild them.
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