The spring carpet of Chosroes

Now that spring is finally here, it reminds me of the spring carpet of Chosroes I (AD531-579), the Persian King of the Sasanian dynasty. To celebrate his victory over the Romans and his conquest of southern Arabia, King Chosroes ordered the manufacture of the world's most expensive carpet ever made. It is estimated to have been as much as four hundred feet long by one hundred feet wide. The design was said to be of a beautiful garden in spring, with trees and flower beds interlaced by streams and paths, which the King could actually walk down, enjoying the spring carpet all through the year. Variations of this design can still be found in Persian rugs and carpets woven today, and many fine examples can be found in London's Oriental rug warehouses. Unfortunately in the year 627 King Chosroes II was defeated by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius, who allowed visitors to cut pieces of the spring carpet to take home as souvenirs.
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