3,000 Years of Ancient Andean Textiles

Weaving and the Social World: 3,000 Years of Andean Textiles is open at Yale University Art Gallery until 18th September 2016. Woven tunics, mantles and wall hangings as well as related feather, gold and silver objects, tools and ceramics ranging in date from 900BC to the 16th century. Textiles from significant ancient Andean cultures including the Chancay, Chavin, Chimu, Mocha, Nazca, Inca,, Paracas, Sihuas and Wari are featured-societies that lacking written languages, used textiles as the primary means of transmitting images, ideas and status. David J.Wilkins Oriental Rugs Experts are currently in the process of modernizing their website, including a mobile friendly version and featured Oriental rug of the month. Here we will select a fine Oriental rug that stands out from the crowd. Our criteria are that it's typical of its type and it's of superior quality; we then reduce the price to a fraction of the retail value. So keep a look out for this feature and grab yourself a bargain.  
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