David J.Wilkins featured in the Financial Times July 6th 1991

25 years have gone by since an article by renowned Financial Times journalist, Lucia van der Post featured David J.Wilkins Oriental Rugs. The article was all about how and where to purchase a Persian carpet, and why it was a good time to buy. Amazingly very little has changed 25 years on. We are still dealing with the aftermath of embargo's, and currencies are still volatile, but one thing is certain, its still a very good time to purchase a Persian carpet or Oriental rug in London. David J.Wilkins Oriental Rug Experts is still in business and says much of the Financial Times article is still relevant to today's Persian carpet and Oriental rug market in London. although he would admit, he may look a little older now than he does in the article photo. www.orientalrugexperts.com 0207 722 7608
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