New York International Carpet Show

This years New York International Carpet Show will be held from 11th-13th September at the Terminal Warehouse (aka The Tunnel), 271 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001. A newly launched section in the Antique Pavilion will host specialist dealers in antique Oriental rugs, carpets, and textiles, supplementing the show's more familiar selection of new Oriental rug and carpet designs. Also from across the pond, The Ararat-Eskijian Museum in Los Angeles and the Armenian Rugs Society will present an illustrative discourse by Berdj Achdijian on Armenian Church Alter Curtains and Palampores Traded by Armenian Merchants. An article on this little known group of figurative chintzes with Christian iconography from the Coromandel Coast that document Armenian history and global textile trade. On this side of the Atlantic London's Oriental rug dealers have seen steady business through the summer holidays. Normally the Persian rug and carpet trade in London enter a slow period until the holidays are over, and getting customers into London on a hot sunny day is near impossible. Despite this David J Wilkins Oriental rug experts is looking forward to a brisk end to the summer and that busy Autumn period, and with the warehouse in London full of new stock, customers can be assured of a fine selection of Oriental and Persian rugs to chose from.
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