Arbrush in Oriental rugs and carpets

Arbrushes are visible stripes of differing tones of colour found in handmade oriental rugs and carpets. Arbrushes happen for various reasons, the main and original reason was the accidental variation in colour between batches of dyed wool. When the weaver runs out of wool and changes to a new batch, the chances are that the colour will not be an exact match. This shows up as stripes across the rug. Arbrushes can become more visible in older rugs and carpets as the dyes fade at different rates, but this can add to a rugs appeal. It has to be said that some customers have trouble accepting Arbrushes, but it's a natural occurrence in handmade Oriental rugs and carpets, in fact new rugs that are produced today often have Arbrushes deliberately woven into them to help break up the uniformity of the back ground colour.
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