Carpet protection for Persian rugs

It’s a proud moment when you purchase your first Oriental carpet; it’s one of those moments that you’ll remember for life, the rug looks resplendent and you can’t wait to see it on display in your home. Having invested wisely in a Persian carpet it would be unwise to treat it with anything but care and attention, this carpet has already lasted for years and with special attention, it’s going to last for countless more decades as well. There are simple care tips that help to preserve the life of a Persian, consider how you are going to look after the rug once it arrives in your home and you’ll be able to protect it throughout its lifetime. Here’s what we suggest at Oriental Rug Carpets, try our ideas to keep your carpet in pristine condition.
  • Avoid high heels – One of the worst things you can do to a Persian carpet is walk all over it in high heels.  It doesn’t matter how high the heels are, they’ll leave indentations in the carpet and there’s a good chance they’ll ruin the weave. Avoid this by removing heels if you plan to walk over the carpet, trample over the carpet in a killer pair of heels and it won’t be long before the rug is ruined.
  • Take care with food and drink – Spills should be avoided at all costs as well, tip a glass of red wine over the rug and you have a clearing up operation to perform. If you do manage to spill something on the rug make sure you clear it up right away, follow our rug care cleaning guide if you need help in this area.
  • Roll the rug up – One way to look after your rug if you are throwing a party at your home is to take it up and store it away until the festivities are finished. You can hardly ask your guests to treat your rug with extra respect so take precautions when you plan any type of informal gathering. Simply put the rug into storage until the last of the party leftovers have been cleared away then take the rug back out of storage afterwards.
Protect your new rug and it’ll be a feature that provides you with untold pleasure for many years to come.
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