Choosing a new rug in 3 easy steps

Forget all those other home features, a new rug is all you need to add a little glitz to your home. Find a rug that fits and everything else just falls into place, you can base your whole decor around a feature rug. This article examines how to select a feature rug for your property and gives you tips on ways to make the most from your new purchase. Where are you going to put the rug ? Work out which room you want to display the feature rug. This could be your hallway for example or possibly the main living area where you rest and relax most of the time. Make a decision on where you are going to place the rug and once you know, think about the size of the rug that you require. Fill the space Size is everything when you are choosing a new rug. Buy something that's too big and it'll swamp your room, buy something that's too small and it'll look lost in it's new surroundings. Take accurate measurements of the room where you want to place the rug to make sure you get the correct size. Handmade rugs rarely come in standard sizes, so some compromise is usually necessary. Don't come up short If you are placing furniture on a rug like a coffee table make sure the rug protrudes at either end. Furniture looks best placed in the middle of the rug and you might want the rug to extend so it slots neatly under the legs of a sofa at each end. Just make sure there's plenty of the rug on show when you are coordinating it with items of furniture and don't sell the room short.
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