Care tips for oriental rugs and carpets

Keep out of strong sunlight: Sun is the natural enemy of rugs. place your rug in a conservatory or a very sunny room and the colours will fade in time. Don't place heavy furniture on the rug: Indentations caused by heavy furniture items can be hard to remove. Weight distribution cups can be purchased to place under the feet of your sofa or table. Regular cleaning helps. Keep your rugs in great condition by giving them a good shake or you might want to beat them outside to remove dirt and debris if you prefer. Light vacuuming can also clean rugs just be careful you don't damage the fringes. Stain removal: If you spill something on your rug deal with it straight away by placing a piece of kitchen towel on the spill to absorb the fluid then gently sponge the area clean. If in doubt contact your rug supplier or specialist oriental rug cleaner for advise.  
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