How to store an oriental rug

Buy a Persian rug and this is one feature that you want to be on show at all times. Say you had to put the rug into storage for a short while though, suppose you were moving home or were renovating your property and you wanted to keep the rug protected, how would you look after the rug whilst it was out of sight? This guide gives you a few tips about rug storage and it’ll help you keep a Persian in perfect condition. • Give the rug a clean: Before you place the rug into storage give it a good clean and that will remove dust and dirt particles that could be hiding in the fibres. Never pack a rug away before you have cleaned the fibres, dirt can fester and leave marks in the carpet. • Spray the rug with an insecticide: Use a specialist insecticide that’s kind to carpet fibres and protect the rug from moths, beetles and other pests that like to feast on fibres. Use a non-staining product that won’t damage the fibres in the carpet, get advice from a rug supplier if you have any trouble finding a good repellent. • Carefully roll the rug: Don’t fold the rug, simply roll it for short or long-term storage to prevent crease marks from appearing in the fibre. Just leave the rug where it is with the fibre facing upwards and begin to roll it into a ‘tube’ shape until all you can see is the backing. • Wrap it in plastic: Use coloured plastic if possible to prevent light from filtering through and completely cover the rug from end to end. Secure the plastic into place with masking tape and make sure you fix down any flapping sections. • Store off the floor: Place the rug in a cool, dark room where you can control the light levels. Don’t leave it on the floor, carpet beetles could attack the pack, so place it on a shelf if you can, or raise it off the floor by resting it on a couple of objects. • Check it: If you are storing your rug for the long term take a look at it once a month or so. Unwrap it, unroll it and look for signs of infestation, hopefully everything will be fine and you can wrap it back up again.
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