How to decorate a modern room to match your Persian rug

The one thing you can say about a Persian rug, apart from it being beautiful, is this is a feature that needs the right surroundings to be truly appreciated. The rest of the room often pales into insignificance once you lay an oriental rug on the floor. Still, you could always decorate the rest of the room and base it around the rug so they work in harmony together. Here’s our take if you want a few ideas, read our article about decorating a room for a Persian.
  • Choose appropriate colours: Persian rugs are bold enough on their own so you don’t have to be brash with the colours on the wall. Keep the colours neutral, white walls look stunning with Persian rugs, they make the room feel light and airy, it’ll seem bigger and make a showcase feature out of the rug.
  • Try to coordinate: If you decide you want a little colour on the walls look for shades that’ll compliment the rug. For example, if your rug has a large degree of red and blue in it why not paint your walls grey? They’ll look chic, provide the room with a boutique feel and still show off the rug in the best possible way.
  • Avoid heavily patterned curtains: Don’t ‘crowd’ the room with heavily printed curtains, the chances are they’ll clash with the rug. Stick with a trendy look and try plantation shutters or wooden Venetian blinds instead. Paint them white and they’ll look amazing as window accessories but won’t take the shine off your rug.
  • Combine neutral sofas with coloured cushions: If you have a cream or oatmeal sofa suite find cushions that match the colours in the carpet. They’ll compliment the Oriental rug and tie the sofa in with the theme without being overstated.
  • Keep it minimal: If you really want your rug to be the feature of the room opt for the minimalist look and cut back on other furniture items. Sometimes less is more when it comes to interior design so keep it simple and make your rug the feature with the wow factor.
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