Terms used in estimating the age of oriental rugs and carpets

In the world of oriental rugs the age of a rug can only be placed into four main ranges. This is because the exact year when the rug was woven is impossible to pinpoint. Also age means money, consequently many descriptive terms have evolved over the years, especially on the retail level. The main four ranges that you may hear are.

Antique     100 years or more

Old            40 to 99 years

Semi-old  20-39 years

New          0-19 years

The reason new oriental rugs and carpets can still be classed as new even after 10 years or more is because of the length of time handmade rugs and carpets can take to reach the western markets. The best advise it to always seek a reputable dealer and accept that the age of your rug is at best approximate.

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