Iranian tourism market and its growing attractions

With the lifting of sanction against Iran the next big adventure is the opening up of Iran's tourist industry. Many company's have already put together itinerary's to include some of the wonderful sights that Iran (Persia) has to offer. Persepolis the ancient capitol of the Persian empire and UNESCO world heritage site, will be number one on there list, all so the beautiful city of Isfahan another world heritage site. Masoud Soltanifar, director of Iran's cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organisation (ICHHTO), said he hopes to attract 20 million visitors a year by 2025, generating up to $30 billion in revenues. British Airways will resume direct flights to Tehran in July this year, which should encourage the tourism industry to take Iran (Persia) very seriously as a major new destination for the intrepid traveler. If your now thinking of nipping out to Iran to purchase that Persian carpet you've always wanted then think again prices are quite high for the tours and negotiating for that special Persian rug or carpet in the bazaars could prove very costly. Alex Wilkins of David J.Wilkins Oriental Rug Experts thinks that you would be better off purchasing your Persian carpet through a reputable dealer here in the UK, In London we have a huge selection of Persian rugs and carpets and with the added benefit of knowing the dealer and all the protection of UK consumer law.
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