Oriental Rug Centre London Host Getty Images

Last month David J.Wilkins had the great pleasure of hosting Dan Kitwood a photo journalist for Getty Images London, who shot some wonderful photos of the Oriental Rug Centre at Staples Corner London. Getty Images had requested the shoot in response to many requests for photos of Persian rugs and carpets being imported into the UK since the lifting of the US embargo on Iranian products. No doubt you will see these great photos in articles all over the world, but take a peep on our Facebook page or Google + page for a preview. At the Oriental Rug Centre we are importing large amounts of new stock including Persian, Afghan, Indian, Pakistan, and Moroccan rugs and carpets, so why not call us and come and have a look around and remember we are now open on Saturday at the Oriental Rug Centre Staples Corner London. www.orientalrugexperts.com
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