Oriental Rug Centre’s first shipment of Persian rugs and carpets since the lifting of the embargo.

London's Oriental Rug Centre is expecting its first shipment of Persian rugs and carpets from Iran, since the lifting of the US trade embargo. At David J.Wilkins Oriental Rug Experts, we are looking forward to viewing the new stock which includes Persian Gabbeh and many other assorted Persian rugs and carpets. These Persian rugs will be available for customers to view and purchase from the 1st April. Please call for an appointment Tel: 0207 722 7608, www.orientalrugexperts.com Berlin's Bode Museum is to host an important exhibition, The Madonna of the Wurth collection and masterworks of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. it is devoted to the work of Hans Holbein the younger (ca. 1497-1543), one of the great portrait painters of the Renaissance, whose name has become synonymous with certain early types of classical Anatolian carpets. The exhibition will run until 8th May 2016. Christie's are holding an online auction of rugs, featuring both colourful and monochromatic undyed 20th century weaving from Morocco, Turkey, the Caucasus and Ecuador. With arresting graphic designs, this collection of rugs and carpets exemplifies the range and varying weaving techniques of the Moroccan tribes in the Middle and high Atlas.
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