Kashmir rugs and carpets

The production of Kashmir rugs and carpets is mainly centered in and around the city of Srinagar, in this disputed region of northern India. Kashmir rugs and carpets are handmade and can be found woven in wool, silk and mercerised cotton (imitation silk beware). They are available in a wide range of colours, and the silk rugs come in very pleasant pastel shades. The designs are distinctly Persian as rug and carpet weaving is not thought to be indigenous to Kashmir but introduced by the Persian's. Popular Persian rug and carpet designs found in Kashmir are, Tree of life, The Garden design and other floral Persian city designs. Kashmir rugs and carpets can be found in a range of sizes from 3ft x 2ft right up to 18ft x 12ft. Its a common Indian holiday souvenir, but even after extensive haggling the tourist rarely comes off best, and when arriving home often find they could have purchased there Kashmir rug for much much less from London's Oriental rug warehouses.  
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