Nuclear Rugs

What strange times we live in when exquisite hand-made rugs and carpets are being used as a weapon to deter nuclear proliferation. Beautiful Persian rugs and carpets have been woven in what is now known as Iran for hundreds of years, but this ancient craft is in peril due to the uncertainty of Iran's nuclear ambitions. In September 2010 the U.S. sanctions forbidding the importation of Iranian hand-made rugs and carpets had a devastating effect on the Persian rug production. Even Persian rugs and carpets from a third country were banned, so restricting the trade and movement of Persian rugs and carpets worldwide. This gape in the market was soon filled by cheap Persian imitations from China, Pakistan and India. And even machine made rugs are degrading the hand-made rug market. there is some consolation that London's Oriental rug warehouses still hold a large stock of fine Persian rugs and carpets, but for how much longer. David J.Wilkins one of London's leading Oriental rug dealers has seen this all before, when the first U.S. embargo of Iranian goods was implemented in 1979. Prices of Persian rugs are still steady, but if the production is dramatically reduced then times will change and an escalation in values is sure to occur. We can only hope that international relations improve and that the embargo is lifted, and the Persian weavers can continue their ancient craft and the world is not denied this beautiful artistry.
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