The rug trade of London

For over a hundred years London has been an important world centre for trading in Oriental rugs and carpets. This was mainly to do with the British Empire and other countries such as Persia that figured strongly in British interests. Around 1920 a large migration of Oriental rug and carpet dealers from Persia, Turkmenistan, Armenia and other rug producing countries set up there business's in London. This strengthened London as the world centre for Oriental rugs and carpets and a large bonded warehouse complex was established under control of the British customs & excise, as duty was not paid until the rugs were sold and a large percentage were re-exported. Even today some of these old rug and carpet importers are still trading, and although they are no longer bonded due to most of the Oriental rugs and carpets remaining in the UK, you can still visit London's oriental rug warehouses to purchase that fine Persian rug or carpet that will become you're most prized possession. It is recommended that you seek expert advice when visiting these large establishments. One such Oriental rug expert is David J.Wilkins who along with his son Alexander has been guiding his customers around London's Oriental rug warehouses for over 40 years. In that time they have built up an in-depth knowledge of each warehouse and can show you around this fascinating world of Oriental rugs and carpets. Tel:0207 722 7608
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