Oriental Rug Centre Staples Corner London

The Oriental Rug Centre at Staples Corner London is now fully open on Saturdays, with no need to make an appointment, (although its advised). At David J.Wilkins Oriental rug experts we can show you a huge selection of Oriental rugs from 3ft x 2ft to over 25ft x 16ft. We pride our self's with offering rugs at affordable prices to suit most budgets, from all over the rug weaving world, including Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, Indian, Morrocco and Pakistan. We can arrange for your selected rugs and carpets to been seen in your home before committing to buy. If you would like to visit the Oriental Rug Centre, please call or email David J.Wilkins Oriental Rug Experts Tel: 0207 722 7608, Email: rugexpert@btinternet.com.
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