Persian carpet fair Tehran

The 24th Persian carpet grand exhibition will be held in Tehran on the 23rd-29th August 2015. This event is held annually at the Tehran permanent fairground, and is expected to attract more than 40,000 visitors from many countries around the Persian rug loving world. This years fair has added excitement with the expected lifting of the US embargo on Persian rugs and carpets. London's importing warehouses will be in attendance, hoping to purchase those choice Persian rugs and carpets for the UK market. In the meantime London's Oriental rug and Persian carpet warehouses are fully stocked and are looking forward to the Autumn surge in business. David J.Wilkins is one of London's leading Oriental rug dealers, and he says that Persian rug prices have never been so good. So why not give them a call and arrange an appointment to view the huge stock in London's wholesale Oriental rug warehouses.
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