Purchasing Oriental rugs and carpets in the January sales

There's no doubt the alluring factor when high end stores announce the January sales. But the fact is that in today's market and with access to the internet, you should be able to find a reputable Oriental rug dealer that can sell you a Persian rug or carpet at the right price all year round. London's west end stores work on enormous mark up's and its easy for them to cut 75% off their normal retail price and still come out with a very healthy profit, and its usually the rugs and carpets that have failed to sell and best avoided that are discounted the most. The trick is to access London's Oriental rug warehouses, which is actually where most of the UK stores buy their Oriental rugs and carpets from, despite what they say. Can you really imagine the store buyer hunting for handmade rugs and carpets in Afghanistan or Iran, I don't think so. David J.Wilkins has never had a sale, we simply sell Oriental rugs and carpets direct from London's wholesale warehouses at what most people would consider sale prices all year round.
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