Rugs and carpets used in London’s interior design projects

Summer has arrived in London and with it the huge surge in interior design projects. Fulled by the buoyant house prices and the movement that creates with in the housing market, interior designers and personal interior design projects are beginning to have a significant effect on the Oriental rug and carpet business. London's Oriental rug warehouses are reporting a busy period leading up to the summer months. Alex Wilkins from David J. Wilkins Oriental rug brokers has noticed an increased level of interior design projects that require an Oriental rug or carpet to complete the room, In fact more colour is the norm now and Persian rugs and carpets and in particular old and antique rugs and carpets are popular. New handmade rugs and carpets are also available for considerable less money than the upmarket stores. London's Oriental rug warehouses are world famous for being an important source of rare old and antique Persian carpets. These warehouses are best visited with an Oriental rug expert, so if you need that special handmade rug or carpet to complete your room, why not give Alex Wilkins a call on 0207 722 7608 or
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