Stupid ways to ruin a perfectly good rug

We’ve covered the subject of rug care in a number of our blogs at David J Wilkins, oriental rugs are precious items, they deserve loving homes and to be treated with a certain level of respect. So our next blog explores some of the ways you can ruin a perfectly good rug if you have a moment of madness, never do the following, you’ll regret it if you do! Don’t... Scrub rugs Shock, horror, you spill something on a Persian and want to clean it right away. That’s good as long as you take the appropriate cleaning method. The temptation will be to scrub the rug with a wet cloth or worst still, attack it with a scrubbing brush. That’s plain crazy behaviour. Scrub a rug and you’ll ruin the fibres. Gently dab stains away or blot the liquid with a paper towel, scrub a rug at your peril! Use unknown chemicals on rugs Okay you have a spill so you decide to pour the entire contents of your cleaning cupboard on the stain. This is madness too. You should never attempt to clean a rug with a chemical agent without testing a miniscule area first, fail to do so and you could ruin the rug. Place heavy or pointy items of furniture on rugs Got a spindly legged table you think would look lovely placed on top of a Persian rug? Think carefully about this action. Pointy feet damage carpets. Leave your rug furniture-free to preserve the quality of the fibres. Put a rug under a sunlit window Sunlight bleaches fabrics and fibres. Leave an Oriental rug for too long in direct sunlight and it could start to suffer from colour fade after a while. Use a rug in humid environments Humidity causes problems with rugs as well. Place an oriental rug inside a room that suffers from high moisture or intense humidity levels and mould could start to grow on the fibres. Steer clear of humid environments if you want to keep your rug moisture-free. Of course, you could totally ignore our advice and ruin a perfectly good rug if you like. Do you really want that to happen when you have just invested in a Persian though?
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