The Arts & Antique Fair Olympia London

The Arts & Antique fair at London's Olympia 27th June-2nd July 2017 will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. showcasing 160 of the worlds leading specialist dealers, visitors will be able to see a diversity of periods and styles crossing a variety of disciplines, with over 55,000 pieces to chose from. Their will inevitable be a selection of Oriental rug and carpet dealers from the higher end of the trade, with prices to match. there will be host speakers from Leighton House Museum, TATE and the British Museum London. The second Georgian International Carpet Festival will take place 28th June-2 July 2017. On the first two days, participants will be taken to various sites in Tbilisi and the historic town of Mtskheta, before heading to the impressive Medieval fortress of Rabati in the scenic Samtkhe-Javakheti region. The event aims to increase awareness of the importance of rug production, in Georgia and beyond.
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