Alterations of Persian rugs and Oriental carpets

When purchasing Old and Antique Oriental rugs and carpets it's important to look for alterations or to use a car traders term "cut and shut". Many Old Persian rugs and Oriental carpets have had a hard life and damage that has occurred in one area and can not be economically repaired can be completely removed and the rug re-joined altering the size in the process. This was not always done because of damage, if pillars or fireplaces got in the way, large sections of Persian carpet were removed, and this can be found in many fine country houses. It may also occur in modern handmade rugs and carpets just to alter the size, and should be invisible from the front if executed by an expert. The best way to tell if an Oriental rug or Persian carpet has been altered is to look on the back, you should see the repair. The main reason to be aware of this is the loss in value, an Oriental carpet or Persian rug that has been altered will not command the same price as a pristine piece. You may wish to avail yourself with expert advise, David J Wilkins of London, has been looking after his clients interests in all matters regarding Oriental carpets and Persian rugs, and knows just what to look for and more importantly what to avoid.
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