Persian rugs to rent

There are many occasions when it is preferable to rent a Persian rug or Oriental carpet, rather than going to the expense of purchasing the rug or carpet which will only be used for a limited time. Persian rugs are an essential decorative item that may be used for Film and photo shoots as well as Theatre sets and special occasions, they can also be an important tool when used in visual merchandising. Oriental rugs and carpets which are used in period films have to be specially chosen to reflect the correct date being portrayed. This was very apparent in a resent Tudor series that should have had Oriental rugs from the Renaissance period, which typically used Anatolian rugs. Unfortunately this program had relatively new Persian rugs and carpets which looked wrong. David J.Wilkins has been selecting Persian rugs and carpets for film prop hire companies for over 30 years, and in that time has built up an expert knowledge of whats required. Dealing direct from London's Oriental rug warehouses he has the huge stock available to make sure the correct rugs are chosen.
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