The Victorian love of Oriental rugs

They is no doubting the Victorians love of Oriental rugs and carpets. They was a huge increase in demand of fine handmade rugs and carpets from exotic places such as Persia,Turkey and India. Its not clear if the desire was a result of the new wealthy Victorian classes or the need to add some colour to the dingy Victorian decor, probably a combination of the two. But one thing is clear it brought the Persian rugs and carpets to the forth front of interior designers of the period, and this legacy has remained with us today. It also helped London to become a world centre for Oriental rugs and carpets. Oriental rug dealers and experts from all over the world chose London for its safety and political influence, and even today London is still an important centre for fine Oriental rugs and carpets from Persia,Afghanistan,Pakistan and indian and many other handmade rug producing countries.
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