London’s Persian rug trade back on track

An outline agreement has been reached on the future of Iran's nuclear program. All of us in the world of Persian rugs and Oriental carpets hope this will lead to a lifting of the sanctions and a normalization of the Persian rug and carpet trade. David J Wilkins Oriental rug brokers of London are looking forward to an increase in trade, in particular with the US, which has been a no go area when dealing in Persian rugs and carpets. The sanctions have not just affected Persian rugs but Oriental rugs and carpets in general, and David Wilkins thinks the lifting of the sanctions will lead to an increase in demand over the whole Oriental rug trade. Meanwhile London's Oriental rug warehouses still hold large stocks of Persian rugs and carpets which can be accessed through or call Alex Wilkins on Tel: 0207 722 7608 or mobile: 07850 923471
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